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Hi Everyone,

During the summer i made a post showing my new rear end using the Xitomer Tail Tidy, I opted for this as the Evotech seemed a little pricey but also was out of stock everywhere. I definitely found the install a little tricky as its a cheaper product and lacks detailed instructions but also it leaves the underside of the wheel arch exposed when removing the old tail.

All of the cables to the rear are heat shrink wrapped and there are some small gaps to the compartment under the seat that shouldn't be a problem however i am an all year round rider in the lovely English climate and found myself getting splattered driving in the rain so decided i would need to make a cover at some point.

I also fitted the Pyrimid Plastic Tail Hugger to try and minimise some of the rain spray, I was looking for the right level of rigid plastic to make the wheel arch cover and eventually found it in B&Q just in time as the weather started to turn...

I have tried to include some photos of the process that hopefully helps anyone else in the same boat!
Links for products at the bottom

Automotive tire Tire Wheel Tread Engineering
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Automotive exterior

£5 flexible bucket from B&Q v.s. my table saw

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

Rough template made using cardboard and tail hugger glued and riveted in place

Tire Wheel Crankset Bicycle tire Automotive lighting
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire

After a few tweaks and back an fourths i managed to get the right shape and size and work out where to drill some holes to attach to the existing bolts that hold the rear arch to the frame in place.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Motorcycle
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Overall it was a bit of messing about but it works well and it stopped me from having to backtrack and re fork out money for the evotech, the hugger was a little awkward to fit due to detaching the existing cover, the rivets on the rear brake side require some patience to undo and put back again due to tight spaces but it does minimize the spray onto the rear suspension spring.

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive parking light

Overall im still getting a sprayed on a super wet day but the underside electronics and seat compartments are protected and dry. I think the next step would be to adjust the number plate down a little to act as a spray guard as it did with the stock tail.

Thanks for looking!

Tail Hugger
Pyramid Hugger Extension | Matte Black | Yamaha XSR 700 2016>

Tail Tidy
Xitomer Motorbike Tail Tidy License Plate Holder Fit for XSR700 2015-2022


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