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Motorcycle washing

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Hi guys! How do you guys wash the hard to reach parts of the XSR 700. Especially the part where the electricals are on top of the radiator. There are so many parts I could not seem to reach. Just wondering if any of you guys could share your cleaning tips or tools. Thanks in advanced.
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I have always used a pressure washer with a foam lanser to wash my bikes.

That gets the soap into all the hard to reach places and you can then use a collection of different size brushes if it is really dirty.
Toothbrush for hard to reach places, sponge and a normal hose. Nothing really fancy, but I make sure to clean and oil the chain after getting it wet.
I always love the hog hair brushes. Long bristles, not aggressive enough to do damage but really gets everything out.
I always thought that Larry of Ammo NYC provided great advice on cleaning motorcycles. Surprising his video only has a 1/2 million views

I always think the best approach is to sell the bike when it gets dirty and buy another :wink2:
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I always think the best approach is to sell the bike when it gets dirty and buy another :wink2:
Now there... that is the right answer we're looking for :surprise:
Drive's cleaning video is a very through clean for dirt bikes. Dirt from general tarmac riding on the xsr700 wouldn't need everything he's listed and pressure washers scare me.
Brake dust is tenacious, that stuff needs some good old elbow grease, soap, water, and a brush.

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Ammo NYC videos are always extremely thorough but super great to look at. Love how he waxes the bike after and everything.
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