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Motech Accessories Side bags

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New accessories for XSR700.
Take a look in here.

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Coo, thanks for sharing.
thanks for sharing! the only thing thats really jumped out at me from the aftermarket mods was a extender for the speedo someone posted. I cant see it at all being 6,2 without looking down that is
Great accessories there. I am definitely wanting to get a storage bag. Not quite sure which size right now. First world problems, right?

I am leaning towards this one.

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that one looks good and it'll double as a back rest. This one looks pretty good too if you have more to carry and you're afraid of things getting wet.

They have a TRAVELLER PRO Cushion for anyone who's already getting a sore bum. This site is a great find!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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