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Hi all,
Now like some im sure on here i opted to go for the Personal Contract Plan purchase route purely to......

1. Keep the costs down....
2. Allow me to trade in for future models after 3 years
3. hand the keys back and say thanks for the bike its been fun but im off
4. Buy it at the end for a sum of around 2k.

Now im not sure how many have done this route and i am lucky enough to of been in the position to buy outright if id of wished but i liked the options this gave and the low low monthly payments (rental).

Now i ask is it worth adding mods to this thing such as expensive exhaust systems and changing significant items?

Ive been guaranteed a return price as long as there is no significant damage to the bike and i can mod but is it logical?

Whats your thoughts fellow bikers.?.

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I got mine through the pcp and i'll probably keep it when the term ends as it was my first bike, but any mod i do and have done is fully reversible. Like Matt banks has said you can always sell the parts on and re-coup some of the cost.
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