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Mivv GP steel black

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Following is a video from an XSR700 with a Mivv GP steel black exhaust. Sounds great althought the pipe looks a bit wierd, a bit too low for my taste.

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Sounds good but not a fan of the piping. Kind of looks like a rush job just to have something to attached the exhaust to.
Would I go for it if it looks better? Yea. Sounds great and I looks the crackles and pops.
Yea the exhaust pipe looks a bit strange in the way that it is sitting underneath the bike. Why? --> Design? Installation?
I don´t like the shape of the pipe... or maybe it is the way it fits the bike lines.
I also have to point the fact that it is mounted on the passenger foot peg, so you only ride solo
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It seems improper to mount something there. I'm just not sold on it.
Didn't notice that it's mounted where the passenger foot peg used to be. Not that I would keep those pegs but if that mounting position is the only thing keeping the exhaust from touching the ground... Just poorly designed IMO.
Still safe though? I just question the quality when its design has such an awkward flaw in it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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