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Mivv ghibli Exhaust

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Hi all,
just wondering has anyone fit a mivv Ghibli full exhaust system on their xsr? Is it an easy fit? What is the sound like compared to the sc project? I see a few people think the sc project is too loud. I've seen videos youtube of both but just wondering what its like in the flesh.
I'm looking at the mivv ghibli as it is within my price range and I am after a retro sort of look.
Any advice would be great.
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Hello Dan... I have one for about two months, its loud, i cant compare with sc, but Ghibli is loud... Im more used to it know but i have the feeling that the engine has lost some boost..
Have to say that now i feel that others on the road are aware of my presence, wich didnt happend with the stock..
Easy to install if you have the tools "1 hour". I installed the lambda, dont know if thats good or not...

Thanks for the reply, your bike looks quality by the way. Is the power loss particularly noticeable?
I love the sound, think my neighbours will just have to deal with it at 6am, either that or ill have to push the bike down the road every day!
I've seen it for about £380 online, does that sound about right? Anyone know of any full systems for a similar price that are good quality and retro look?
Its not particularly noticeable, just dont have that feeling of falling back when rolling the grip, got my one here..

Hello Dans, just to tell you that today i filled the tank with 95 octanes and amazingly the boost is back and very alive...
Great news. Do you know if the exhaust is street legal or really for track use? Can you add a catalyst if needed? Just thinking ahead if I have issues
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