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Didn't have the opportunity to do much riding over the winter but I did pick up some parts for the bike. Spent some time this week swapping out the rear fender, seat and side panels.

Changes made to date include:

Purpose Built 7" LED headlight
Morimoto pindicators (front running lights/indicators)
Brogue Motorcycles headlight bracket
Gilles speedo relocation bracket
Bar end mirrors
Radiator cover
Powder coated the silver radiator side covers black
Yamaha tank pads
Scorpion exhaust
JvB Super 7 seat
JvB Super 7 side panels
JvB Super 7 rear fender
Purpose Built Hollow Tip rear indicators

Parts that I have but not yet installed:

JvB fork gaiters
Yamaha fork covers (MT 07)
Cognito Moto foor pegs

I need to pick up a new front fender. I'm leaning toward the SW-MOTECH in black

I also have the LSL X-Bar clamp kit on order, mostly because I like the look of the speedo relocation bracket (will swap out the Gilles bracket)


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