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While I do like to use electronic aids in the city, I am not a fan of satellite navigation when I want to explore new areas in the country.
I often ride in rural areas where the traffic is low (or non existent) and where the scenery is more rewarding with great twisty roads. I also seek dirt roads for added fun.
It is those times where a small electronic display does not offer me enough overview to plan or amend my route.
I like maps, paper ones.
This is how I hold one on my gas tank:

tank bungees_2 by gnarlydog, on Flickr

The map case is a very slim Sea2Summit waterproof tablet pouch. I added small loops of rubberized fabric (Hypalon) utilizing the existing bolts for the skin of the gas tank. I threaded some 5mm bungee cord and a small hook (for detaching and able to loop/hold larger items.

tank bungees_1 by gnarlydog, on Flickr

Click on images for larger view
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