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Lower handlebars - advice please!

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Apols - I know there are a few threads already on handlebars....

I want to buy (asap) new bars that are lower than the standard, primarily for aesthetic reasons, but I'd also like a slighter more aggressive body position.

The thing is, I'm a bit of a spanner when it comes to using a spanner - so I need your help!

I see that lots of people fit LSL bars, although Renthal has also been mentioned. Can people who have fitted a lower bar please recommend something - ideally with a link - and be super clear on what I have to buy.

I 'think' I don't need to buy risers? And can just use the original clamps? Yes?

I've read that I'll need to either drill locating holes in the bar, or file off locating pins - I'd defo take the filing route.

The main think I'm confused about is the bar ends.....

What do I need to buy? Do I need anything? How do you fit them to aftermarket bars - do they screw in etc?

Any and all advice welcomed. Like I say, I want to buy them asap. I plan to fit next weekend along with a new exhaust, headlamp, tail tidy, LED indicators and an accidently even smaller than planned licence plate!
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Could buy XSR900 stock bars...they will be lower, should fit and have correct holes and inserts...easy peasy.
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The most popular on here, with European users are LSL's "Superbike Fat Aluminium Handlebars" (see attached image of LSL's X-bar range).
The best colour match to the stock bars are the "Perl Black" - P/N: L128AX01SW.


As with most aftermarket bars, they do not have threaded inserts for the bar ends so you cannot re-use the original ones.
You will simply need any that allow for 14mm internal diameter - these can be found from a multitude of manufacturers, from generic to 'high-end' brands, ranging from €10 up.
LSL themselves have a few which are compatible - I personally use their "Aluminium Handlebar Ends" (Black - P/N: 165-LV2SW) which have some weight to them and have enough projection beyond the bar to allow the use of Bar-end Mirrors.

However, if you want to stay more 'official', Gilles Tooling do offer a bar and a few matching bar-ends (see attached image).
Many other 'quality' brands (inc. Rizoma, Renthal, Pro Taper etc.) also offer product with a similar spec so you should be able to find something to suit most budgets.

The handlebars are very easy to fit, and you can use the original clamp and bolts.
You won't need to drill the locating holes as per the original bars but will have to file off a couple of pins from the starter assembly (and possible also the indicator side assembly too - can't recall as it's been a while since I changed bars myself).
The bar ends are even easier to fit, just requiring tightening of a single bolt (per bar end).


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Link for the LSL "Aluminium Handlebar Ends" (Black - P/N: 165-LV2SW) mentioned above:


However, they also have a fair sized range of compatible products in different materials and designs (search "LSL 14mm"), i.e:

http://www.getgeared.co.uk/search?keywords=lsl 14mm&order=relevance:asc
Thank you Nightic - online now purchasing bars!!!!
Greetings! Substituting stock XSR900 bars has been mentioned elsewhere, but I've not seen any pictures anywhere, nor advice on how it's done. Even my dealer can't tell me if it can be done!

Does anyone here have direct experience with putting the XSR900 stock handlebar on the XSR700?

Following... as I'm in the same predicament. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but has anyone tried the clubman bars for the XSR900? The top of the forks are really low for clip ons and I'm thinking the clubman bars would be a good alternative as long as they clear the tank.
Give me 4 or 5 days and I will tell you how well the XSR900 bars work on the XSR700. Bars came in today and I pick the bike up Friday March 2...I expect I'll have them fitted Saturday or Sunday. I'll try to document it and post pictures...


Haymarket, VA
Hello Matt did the xsr900 bars fit?
Yes nicely.
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sorry mate but we are going to need some evidence! please upload some photos keen to see how it looks.
Cool thanks for your answer!
XSR900 bars -fit ok?

Looking to follow advice to fit XSR900 bars to my 2016 Anniversary 700, just wanted confirmation that the fit is ok for the tank - they have sufficient clearance etc.. my local Yamaha shop weren’t sure they would fit ok.
Maybe this works
Might go down this route myself. Did you notice much of a lower position from the stock bars?
I can confirm that the XSR900 bars fit perfectly with no modifications. My dealer told me the throttle grip had to be cut off, and charged me extra for that. Whatever.

The riding position is a bit lower, but not alot.I intend to go lower.
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Did anyone put renthal fat bars on his bike? I ordered these because of the extra width, 80cm, but now I can't find any bar end weights that fit as the internal diameter is very narrow. Are bar end mirrors even possible on these bars?
Bump bump...
In the market for bars. Looking at Renthol low bars. Anyone have experience with how much they changed the feel for cornering?
I have installed the Renthal bars. Really like the sweep and width. Lower rise than the stock bars and internal damper, so does not need weighted bar ends. Very comfortable.
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