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loving it

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Had the bike for ten days now, already done 550 miles :surprise:so booked in for service next week. This is my first bike, I only passed my test last month so still learning how to ride properly, I chose the xsr on the reviews and the looks. I loved the look of the high level exhaust so I had that fitted and think it makes a great noise.
Mods so far - removed the rear footpegs, I intend to get the front number plate fitted soon as think it will cut down on some of the buffeting and it looks good, will order it next week from the dealers.
Only slight problem so far, I heard a weird clanging noise on the past couple of rides and it has took some finding, however both the bolts which hold the vertical cover panel over the rear brake master cylinder have either fell out or where never fitted from new so it is temporarily cable tied on, will get the dealer to sort it next week. Looking at the photo from the day I collected it, I suspect they were never fitted.


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Glad to hear you're enjoying it ! But that's pretty odd, definitely address that with your dealer.
All sorted, dropped by the dealers who pulled the bolts off their demo bike and fitted them to mine, can't argue with that. Arnolds Burton on Trent are pretty good for customer service 👍. Ordered the front number board whilst there as well.
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