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Lots of chain noise........????? Anyone????

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Hi guys and gals. Recently i have noticed alot of chain noise from my xsr700 and vibration..... ive mentioned it before in a previouse thread if i poodle along in say 4th and throttle off then throttle on slowly i get like a graunchy vibration i can also feel it through pegs....
Can also end up with pins and needles in hands after a long ride..... sent it to workshop twice and no issue found...

Anyone else have a loud chain and this vibration? It vibrates through foot pegs and clutch lever when pulling it in....

Workshops said its a twin thing as they cough and splutter....
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also got pins and needles after a 150 km drive on the freeway. Attributed that to my inexperience :frown2:. This is my first real bike, however this did not happen on my Piaggio mp3 500 even driving at the same average speed for much longer. Also the xsr is much less comfortable, bum wise. Had to stop every 150km. Would changing the seat help?

@matt: Can't say I've experienced that, maybe I've just grown accustomed to it. Might want to double check the chain slack, my dealer/workshop keeps the slack a bit more than the manual specification.

For me my chain has started squeaking when rollings down hill slowly...
@racingkoala: A lot of folk have claimed the single seat is much more comfortable than stock double. I can't say I've tried it, I'm too cheap. But 150km is a long haul, even if you wiggle, move and stretch as you ride; youmight want to schedule more frequent stops to give your bum and hands a rest. I normally aim for <60miles/100km for my pit stops.
Hello mate,

I used to get pins and needles in my hands on my old R6 after around 40 minutes but that was because I put a lot of weight on my wrists when riding. Are you gripping to tight? Maybe try to loosen your a grip on the handlebars if you are.

I have the single seat and its not that comfortable either. A little bit too hard, After about 30 miles I find myself shuffling about. You could probably get some memory foam put in and re-covered by a good vehicle upholsterer.
Hi dudes, I've noticed a bit of unpleasant vibration too but I don't think it's from the chain. Numb fingers have been a bit of an issue too but I agree that maybe I am gripping the bars too hard. Noob mistake. I'm trying out some grip puppies to see if that helps. As they make the grips a fair bit more chunky and non slip to boot, it may encourage a lighter grasp. Plus the foamy neoprene type construction should help with the vibration a bit. When The opportunity arises to ride again, I'll let you know if they helped.
How is your rear tyre? I had bad vibration recently, changed rear tyre (had the tyre fitted to the wheel by garage) reinstalled/aligned the wheel and tensioned chain myself. Everything is back to normal and gear changes seem smoother
I've just got back from a tour of Europe on my XSR. We did 1200 miles over 4 days, my bike is totally stock. My friends ride bikes which you think would be a lot more comfortable, they have fairings and screens. I only struggled in torrential rain, other than that we rode pretty fast and comfortably. I had no pins and needles or numbness, I used to get that on my Harley but the little Yamaha gave me no such problems. My friend got it on his BMW GS. It's obviously a common thing. Sometimes, it sounds crazy, but you need to ride faster! Give it more revs or change down a gear. It tends to be around 4500 revs which sets it off, so speed up or change down. I gotta say it worked for me. The little XSR is a great fun bike and pretty comfortable too . 😎
I also have this annoying vibration mentioned in the original post. The hard thumpy one when you roll on the throttle from low revs. I just attributed it to being a thumpy twin cylinder as opposed to my old in-line 4. But yes, when I crouch while riding it seems to be coming from near the chain, maybe the chain slapping against the plastic chain guide. It's worse the higher the gear, the lower the revs, the more throttle you give. And I'm still breaking the bike in (70 miles!) so I have to stay at these lower revs
Chain noise comes from chain seal guard on rear arm.
The seal guard is crooked and chain rubs on it.
There is a fix that appears in 2018 yamaha parts : a 3M adhesive # BU2-22358-00-00

Even with that fix, chain goes on rubing on it. Always control the tension of the chain.
Can also end up with pins and needles in hands after a long ride..... sent it to workshop twice and no issue found...

Anyone else have a loud chain and this vibration? It vibrates through foot pegs and clutch lever when pulling it in....
I had the same issue, for a while. I even had 2 of my friends take the bike out for a ride to test it. In the end it turned out to be the sprockets slowly wearing out and wheel alignment. (14k miles from new and 3 tyre changes) Based on that, I would start there first.
Would changing the seat help?

My friend has a Tracer 700, and he got their comfort seat (£££). At first it feels weird, but it does make a big difference on a long journey! He spent 4 days in Milan with a pillion and neither of them moaned. Having done just over 4000 miles in 3 weeks during the European heatwave last year, I can confirm that the XSR seat is not made for long journeys and is uncomfortable.

Having said that, it depends on how much fun you're having as I only noticed it in the evenings and torrential rain.
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