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LED Bulb Installation

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Hello everyone!

Yesterday I installed my new LED bulb and led nightlight.
No mounting problem, the light bulb just fits into the optical block.

You can no longer put the gasket around the bulb.
I tried to make a notch in the joint to be able to reinstall it but the only thing it does is to destroy the joint.

I was afraid of the look of the bike with this led bulb and I can say now that I am not disappointed. It does not shock, it fits very well.

I bought the bulb on this site:

Below are some pictures of the montage/installation:

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I actually like how it subtly lights up the whole housing and gives it a ghosting kind of effect. I can only imagine how it would look at night !
Could you clarify: did you have to make any physical alterations to the bike's original parts for this, or could you in theory revert it back to original?
It depends on the specific bulb you get. I found one that fits with all the stock paraphernalia... see http://www.xsr700forums.com/forum/1...l-discussion/6258-found-perfect-led-bulb.html

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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