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Kriega US30 tailpack

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I needed a tailpack for occasional commuting (and fits a laptop!)and weekends away. Something waterproof, decent quality and which would fit onto the pillion seat. I went to the excellent Bikebitz in Yately (https://bykebitz.co.uk/) as they've got loads of luggage which you can poke around and trial fit. Big thumbs up to them.

I settled on the Kriega US30, it's 50% bigger than the US20 and only about 20% more expensive.

Turns out it's perfect for weekends away. I got 2 pairs of shoes, a load of clothes and other stuff in. The only thing is that it's a roll top type bag so you need to pack carefully and make sure your stuff's well folded or rolled so the bag keeps a decent shape.

Once you get the 4 straps torqued down it's very stable and secure on the bike. The rear subframe of the XSR also provides good mounting points for the straps. It's definitely a quality bit of kit.

The only shame is that you can't keep the straps which attach onto the bike in place without the bag as there's not enough space to tuck them underneath the seat. I guess the XSR isn't meant to be a practical bike:

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@Neil I have the kriega US30 fitted to my bike and love it. A bit of advice. I leave the loop straps on the bike. You just need to shorten these so they are tight against the frame then use a pair scissors to trim and burn the ends with a lighter. When you attach, all you then need to then do is fit the steel buckle and tighten. Attached a photo with loops still on bike. Can also post with pack fitted if you need me too.


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I leave the loop straps on the bike. You just need to shorten these so they are tight against the frame then use a pair scissors to trim and burn the ends with a lighter.
Thanks for the pic :smile2: The guy in the shop mentioned that too but I didn't want to shorten them in case I get a different bike and need the longer straps. I guess you can buy spares...

Do the straps which attach to the bag give you enough adjustability if the bag's really stuffed when the 'frame side' straps are that short?
Yes.. you can always gets spares from kriega site. I've had the bagged rammed absolutely full and still been able to tighten it enough this way. Besides you can always try it before you trim.
I have the Kriega US20 that I've had on other bikes before this one. I love it, it's really versatile and can work well with other luggage. I also love that it's waterproof without needing extra liners.

Question: How do you keep it from sliding forward on the XSR700? I noticed this on a day trip and it drove me a little crazy. I had it tightened down, but it would slowly creep forward while riding a distance. I'm considering getting an additional rack for options to tie down, but don't want a big ugly thing on there to ruin the look of the bike.
Erika, I also Kriega US 20 and not haven't had any problems with it moving forward. I run the bag vertical compared to the original post which is running bag horizontally , I also put zip ties on frame of bike where straps meet frame of bike so they don't slide on frame.
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There's a lot of words that can be used to describe a motorcycle but "practical" really isn't one unless you have a Goldwing or have a sidecar rig and then it's still a stretch. I've toured the four corners of the U.S. with nothing more than a duffle bag and not had any problems, just have to make allowances. I don't carry passengers or suitcases, just me and the bike. It's the experiences I've enjoyed and looking back, some weren't all that fun at the time but I learned a thing or two about making the best out of what I had.
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