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Km to miles

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Hi. Bought my XSR in France and have brought it to the UK. I now wish to change the speedometer reading km to miles but following the manual ( whilst on odo or Trip... Hold down bottom button for three seconds) doesn't work.
When I first switch on, the display briefly shows both km and miles so somehow it must display either.
Any ideas.
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I had the same issue (but backwards!) when I rode through Normandy a couple of months back!

(In the end I gave up, and just rode around doing maths in my head..)

As for ideas, I guess I'd probably phone the nearest Yam dealer; they should change the setting for free if you pop over!
Have you tried holding the top one? I done this the other day by accident and switched it km. I'll do it again tomorrow and let you know how I done it.
Yeah, I'd take it into a dealer. I have changed from miles to km and it definitely worked as per the manual.
It should work - try it again until it does! I seem to manage to switch mine from miles to km every time I try to reset the trip odometer to zero after refueling. It gets very frustrating!

I opened a new discussion about the same thing a few days ago. Nobbie did you sort something?

it seems that only motorbikes sold in the UK can change units.


And the U.S.


Here is how they say to change it - press button B for three seconds.
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