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Keeping Warm

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So I'm a 365 biker, commuting around 100 miles a week. From my home in Gateshead, through town to north of Newcastle.

It takes me around 25 minutes if I don't filter too hard and push my luck. 12 minutes if I'm super cheeky :).... anyway.

I purchased some Keis gear before Xmas when it was -2 degrees and crisp, cold days. My touring gloves with liners were still allowing my little fingers to get cold and my knuckles to ache.

I picked up :




I use the heated jacket under a Held Sixtysix and the heated gloves inside of flexible, lightweight summer Richa gloves.



Matched up to some retro biking boots and kevlar jeans with water resistant coating and I look the part and stay safe, warm and dry.

I cannot believe the difference the Keis gear gives. Mount up, plug it in, hit HOT/MEDIUM/COOL and my jacket magically gives me baking heat to the point I start to sweat. Your body gets hot water bottle warmth, which feels amazing. However the weird thing is, your hands never get hot or sweaty. they just stay "in house" warm. no aching joints, no stiff fingers. Just as warm as when you left the house. I cannot recommend the gear enough.

So easy to fit and use.
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Huh, funny you should post this, I bought Keis Inner gloves and a body warmer fortnight ago. They are great.

My commute is short but I do regular weekend jolts from Essex to Derbyshire on odd weekends to parents.
I've not needed it set above the lowest setting yet, but I'll be spending Easter weekend in Scotland so will no doubt need to crank it up then.

The rest of my gear (besides helmet, Shoei) is cheap unknown brand stuff. Textile and weather proof but not stylish and starting to disintegrate now.
Hows your underseat cable management? Any tips or tricks? I've also got a usb charger hooked up to the battery so putting the seat back on is tricky.
I've only added a single cable as the jacket feeds the gloves. Largest thing was a fuse carrier, which slides down the side of the battery easily.

Not much more room in there though.
Still using kit I made years ago


I rarely use the heated kit as once you've sealed the gaps and got the porridge down you insulation does the rest.A one piece parachutists overall over the bike kit makes you a bit Mr Blobby but it still works after you've trod on the plug.

I once got really cold (actually it's humidity that makes you feel cold, at minus 15 you feel warmer as all the water is solid) coming down from Finland in February. Total muppet I put the vest on next to the skin and burnt 8 lovely red marks into my back. I spend the night in Amsterdam then the ferry home. The wife didn't believe a word of it!

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Wow that's unfortuante, at least it didn't get any worse since i'm sure you've seen stories on the forums of guys going through much worse, rather have some marks like that than damage that can't really be healed or healed in good timing.
For the gloves, how long do the batteries last before needing a recharge?
The keis gloves? You wire them to the bike battery, so while the bike is running, indefinitely.

You can get separate batteries for them ( http://www.keisapparel.co.uk/product/keis-additional-battery-pack/ ) at either 2200mAh or 4000mAh. The gloves draw 1 Amp at full power so 2.2 hours or 4 hours respectively.
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