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Just to say HI

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Hi Guy's, just joined the forum so just a quick message to say hello.

Picked up my XSR 700 at the start of the year (2018) - got my full licence back in Oct 2017 so it's my first 'big bike'.

Rode a Dragstar 125 for a couple of years before that so the XSR is quite a change.

After being used to the super low stance of the Dragstar and not having the longest legs I've had to do a couple of tweaks to the suspension - 25mm lowering kit and a custom seat have all helped to get my feet flat to the ground. (still considering a dropping it lower ground clearance willing)

Haven't done much in the way of customising it yet - new seat as mentioned and some mirrors.

Would like to get a tail tidy at one point and perhaps change the handle bars ( have some questions for you guys re handlebars)

So that's me so far.


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Welcome Gabe. Hope you've been enjoying your XSR. Think carefully before you lower the bike even more....reduced suspension travel will mean a harsher ride and lower clearance speaks for itself! Don't worry if you can't get both feet flat on the ground...most adventure bike riders only manage the balls of both feet on the ground, unless they lean the bike over to flat foot one side! The XSR is certainly taller than, say, the new SV650 - a great engine/gearbox/clutch but just not as pretty as the XSR.
Hi Tigerjohn, many thanks for taking the time to say hi. I was wondering about some sort of custom shock to drop the bike a touch further - I don;t really want to do anything more with the suspension but I think it would help to feel a bit more comfortable. Need to take the bike into the dealership for the call back so I'll see what options they come up with.

Really enjoying the engine on the XSR - It's brilliant!
Welcome! :)
The CP2 engine is an masterpiece!
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