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Is anyone selling a single seat?

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So I've been searching around online for a while for the official Yamaha single seat for the XSR700, but I've been unable to find one second hand so far and can't bring myself to part with £150 for a new one, I'm not a scrooge, money is just tight right now. :grin2:

I was wondering if anyone here was selling one second hand or knows of a place where you can source them at good prices? Seeing as they're about £80 brand new in the states and £150 - £160 here for some reason.. :|

Cheers and safe riding!
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Thinking of getting the new ktm790 subject to test ride and availability so if I go for it I will sell you my single seat. Sorry can't say exactly when this will be but will let you know asap!

Cheers daps
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