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I have a question about the taillight if you guys don't mind.

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Are all LEDs lit as running, and then it just gets brighter on brake, or is there a light pattern change?

Thanks guys.
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Hi BlueCheeze.
I don't have a pic or video, but all the LEDs are always lit, they just get brighter on the brakes, no pattern change.

(I think it looks really cool :))
Tried looking for this myself and with a quick search it's not easy finding any examples. Even on YouTube. Fortunately we have a community like this where we can come together and get examples out there.
Aye, I can confirm, you cannot turn the lights off. 100% on.
Now that we have solved that problem...

Has anyone thought of changing the lights at all? Either with different bulbs or something more intense than that?
Is the OEM light not bright enough? I'm sure there are aftermarket bulbs out there that are brighter but factory lights are usually enough for me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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