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Huggers, Huggers Huggers!

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Just after a bit of advice please.
Will aftermarket rear huggers for the MT07 fit a XSR700?
The reason I ask is that there seems to be a far greater selection for the MT07 when trawling eBay.
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All rear huggers for MT 07 fit XSR 700

Enjoy ! :D
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Now the difficult part.......choosing!
This is one ☝ looks longer than original a better shock coverage
Doesn't look bad! Maybe a bit angular???

I spotted this one earlier - thought it suited the lines: https://www.louis-moto.co.uk/artike...0007350?list=84601ee2c87a30f4f32a7b8db7e7363f
Nice, but I’m thinking the shock may be a bit exposed perhaps?
TBF, the shock is less exposed than normal with a vertical arrangement - to the point where I wonder if an aftermarket is really necessary?

Just to stop crud buildup on the under tray, I guess.
After my last ride defiantly! Or perhaps I’m just being a bit precious?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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