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Many new bike buyers immediately start to customize their machines before they even read the owner's manual. The first clue to that fact is that they run into their fist block in the middle of the job and are
stopped because they failed to get the simple stuff right out of the owner's manual. I always get on my wife's case when she buys a new contraption then the first thing that gets thrown into the trash is the manual. It's really important to know how to turn the thing on. These days, not very many riders are also mechanics on their own machines and therefore they really don't understand how or why they work. If a person has a large pocket book or just doesn't really give a hoot, who cares? But, for the majority, I think, it's both economical and educational to learn as much about your motorcycle because the learning process helps keep us involved with the machine itself. I have made it a practice for many years to get a printed copy of the service manual of every new bike just to become more effective at diagnosing and repairing anything that needs attention. It also just plain gives me a better understanding of how the various elements work together and how to figure out what different indications might mean. And, I always take notes when I find something that seems like it would be good to remember for future reair/maintenance.

If you've ever done a valve lash check you know how important doing certain things in exact sequence will result in a good running motor or one that won't run at all. It doesn't take a lot of being off in the valve train to get things really screwed up. And you will be really appreciative and proud when you end up tearing the head down and get it back together and the thing actually starts and runs well after you're done. I'd say that probably one in a hundred or less can or have taken their cams out then managed to get them back in correctly and in time. It's also very rewarding to say you can and have done it.

Get a manual, read it, understand it, and use it. You'll be rewarded far beyond your wildest expectation.
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