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How do you clean yours....

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Okay so for the first time in a year (from new with acf50) as i dont ride in any crap or crud im going to properly wash my bike....

My bike is very clean anyway but as winter approaches i think ill clean her acf her and put her to sleep.

How do you do it.....ive watched loads on it on youtube so i have gone and got multiple microfibre towels meguires gold and a snow foam cannon for my karcher some brake cleaner and multiple cloths.

What is best for that greasy rear wheel.....?
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Hi dude, been off grid for way too long. Life just keeps getting in the way.

I’ve treated mine with Hybrid X. They’ve made a new one now called Fusion. Nothing sticks to it and the muck just sprays off. They also do a cleaner called spotless. Wet the bike either apply with a sponge or spray on. Leave for a couple of minutes (don’t let it dry) and spray off. Job done. Any stubborn muck spray on again. Agitate a bit wait a couple mins again spray off and should be done. Should work a treat on your bike mate as it’s not particularly dirty.

I love the stuff. It’s not cheap but they do a whole range of cleaners and coatings. Seriously simple to use and at the mo I can’t fault it. Super lazy too so there’s more time for riding.

Enjoy it though, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of a gleaming bike after a couple hours work. Cheers dude.
Hey chillihead hope all has been well!

Okay so i snowfoamed and cant promote meguirs gold wash and the karcher foam gun enough it was brilliant then mixed with acf50 finished she is gleaming!!!!!

These piks dont do her justice i promise you....


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Meguirs ultimate black for the plastic parts!!! Its amazing. Use a detail brush to apply and wipe off with a micro fibre towel.

I watched chrisfix super clean car and super clean engine bay on youtube. Simple, easy and worth a watch. I now detail the car and bike using similar techniques.

I spray acf 50 on the lower front and underside. Also under the rubber guards on swingarm.

I also advocate muc off 'bike spray' and motorcycle protectant. If nothing else get the bike spray and ultimate black.
Never actually tried a foam gun before, mostly just stuck to traditional two bucket method and gave the chain a through cleaning before oiling and storing.
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