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How about Booster Plug ?

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Do you know about Booster Plug ?
Have you ever try it ?

For MT07 & XSR 700

How it works : https://www.boosterplug.com/shop/cms-24.html
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That look intresting!
Don't you people have any trust in your motorcycle manufacturers? :surprise: Modern bikes run good ECUs that can cope with basic modifications to a degree, and sure, fine tuning the fuel and spark maps surely will give you more power, but this isn't fine tuning. There's much more to engine tuning than just randomly adding 6% more fuel to the engine. Also, fuel consumption won't go up by 6% with this device unless you're running your bike at wide-open-throttle all of the time. I'd say this thing looks very much like snake oil.
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Our bikes run too lean because of a wrong Air Fuel Ratio (AFR).
It's just to have low emission.
We can tune our ECUs. It would solve all the troubles. But what about the future sale ? What about Yamaha warranty ?

Booster Plug is just cheating the Air Temp to make our ECUs adjust AFR correctly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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