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Hola! From Andorra

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Hi everyone from the beautiful Andorra, i hope to know many XSR crazy fans!
I'm in my almost first week with the bike and i'm in love with her. I'm really really really happy!!
My english is not so good but i'will try to better on this
Best regards & Keep on rockin'!


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Love the helmet design their. What helmet is it?
Nice bike....their just such a great looking bike stock....cant wait for decent weather to get out on mine over here in damp dinjey UK.....
Ah that helmet is perfectly fitting! Do you plan on making any modifications to your XSR?
Yes for sure! I order an evotech guard for the rad and the next gonna be the tail tidy (unavailable at this moment at evotech web unfortunately). In a future gonna change the exhaust
The helmet its a BLAUER Blauerhtdotcom (can't post links yet)
They got a very very good and cool helmets!
Hey Chris welcome to the forum, great choice of colour:grin2:, looking forwards to seeing the mods when you get them done.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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