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Hit and Run

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So a guy this morning decided to pull out of a junction on me this morning and ploughed into the side of me! He then decided to ignore the fact he hit me and drove off!!

Luckily I saw him coming and lifted my leg out of the way and the only damage is to the bike. He ripped the foot peg off, bent the stand, bent the passenger foot rest, bent the chain guard and scratched the swing arm!

I am trying to find a stock foot peg but they don't seem to sell them so I might have to get an alternative (any suggestions??) The rest I can straighten up tonight.

I reported it to the police who don't really seem interested as I wasn't hurt but I hate the fact that people just clear off after an accident.

Hope you are all ok and continue to ride safe..

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Crikey...not good, can't believe he bloody drove off either.. probably not insured or shouldn't be driving etc:mad:!!!!...glad your okay though, sounds like you were very lucky not to be injured.

You say the police don't seem bothered?!?!?, be a different story if it was one of their guys knocked off wouldn't it... no wonder people carry on like they do if that's the general attitude... nevermind the fact you've got to pay to sort your bike out through no fault of your own...
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Hopefully you didn't get hurt. You didn't manage to get the number? I would be so pissed off, I don't know how you managed to keep yourself calm. I would run after him in order to beat him senseless...
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To be honest I thought he was going to turn round and come back..He saw me pull into a layby 20 yards away. Then a woman stopped and told me he had driven off! I couldn't chase after him because I couldn't find a gear!!

Couldn't quite believe it to be honest so I just rang the police.. It was 8am this morning so I am hoping he was going to work and the road he pulled out of is a dead end and I hope he lives up there because I will then find him!

I only got told the first part of his reg number SV06 it was a silvery colored merc and it must have damage!

Disappointing that I will probably have to fork out for the damage as like you say really no fault of my own
Aw, man, what a *******! Glad to hear you're okay, though!

I think these're the part codes for the footpeg assemblies. (A Yamaha dealer should be able to confirm!)


Few questions:

What sort of car was the Merc? Saloon, hatchback, sportscar?
Any CCTV in the area?
Did you see the driver's gender?
Did you get the contact details of any witnesses?

Good luck tracking the swine down! If you do, I totally suggest you go to the police first, before considering starting a small war in a local cul-de-sac!
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Yeh I got a witness number he gave me his card and said he would back me up..
First thing I did was to ring the police they took all the details down..In fact they have just rang me back to say there is no cctv in that area! It was slap bang in the middle of Bramhall town centre so I find that hard to believe!
I was only going to try and track him down so I could tell the police first then if they did nothing I could get my boys involved!!
Thanks for the details of the foot pegs I have just made one at work for the time being as I am supposed to be out this weekend on the bike! Typical!
"No CCTV in the area" sounds like a standard, can't-be-arsed, bank-holiday-coming-up response, to me! If it turns out there *is* CCTV in the area, the cameras will have numbers on 'em; if you give 'em the camera numbers and time, some councils will query the footage for you directly if you can get your request in before the tapes are overwritten. (If not, you could at least take the camera numbers back to the desk-jockey who told you there weren't any..)

[Yeah, I've been hit-and-run myself and so has a mate, both in London; in neither case did it get to prosecution, even though in my mate's case the whole thing was captured on CCTV..]
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No! What the fekk. Glad that you didn't hurt yourself though...
Ouch, sorry to hear about this one, glad your ok. Pity about the bike.

I quite like the look of lsl foot pegs. Free returns from get geared, maybe better than OEM and cheaper than rearsets.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Would your insurance not cover the damage?
I have just ordered a stock peg to replace the broken one and spent a couple of hours last night straightening up what was bent.

Must admit you would have to look pretty hard to find the damage now so I am happy that the bike is back to normal and it only cost me £20 for the peg so not too bad.

I have not heard back from the police so I guess they have given up but hopefully I will spot him out and about one day!!
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