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Hi, not yet an owner

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But seriously considering buying one, registered a few weeks ago and have been lurking regularly, looking at your machines and the mods etc. It certainly would not be my first bike, prefer the looks of the 7 to the 9 and think the performance would be adequate on todays roads, have read the suspension as standard is not up to much, how do you think it would handle, shall we say a bulkier rider?
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Hey Jibber, welcome to the forum.

I toiled for a long time re 900 v 700. Preferred the upside down forks and certain styling elements of the 9 but ultimately decided on the 700 and haven't look back.

A new rider so not experienced enough to comment on the suspension. Would love to upgrade but stock for me is perfectly fine.
Hey Jibber,

I weigh around 82 kg and the stock suspension rear setting is at 7/9. Stock came with 3/9. I was having issues before scraping my exhaust (Scorpion), but after much research and testing, I came to the conclusion that it was a rider issue.

I came from a GSXR, so my riding style had to change a bit when riding street bikes. Once I changed that and adjusted to 7, I was able to keep the same speed through the corner without scraping anything. However, it is still a bit soft when compared with sport bikes, but good enough for me to have fun!

I would say if the XSR700 catches your heart, just go for it, you won't regret it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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