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Hi guys,
i'm Stefano from Italy!
I placed today my order for the new Yamaha XSR700 in Garage Metal!
I thinked to buy the new Scrambler Ducati but, after a test ride, i was not convinced about it...and waiting was a good choice.
I loved this XSR from the first time (i don't like the XSR900 in the same way), especially in Garage Metal color!
I will do a Test Ride in March (if i will be not sotisfied i can decline my order, but i read about a lot of test and everyone loved the bike) and then i will take my bike in the middle of March or at least at the beginning of April (in my city the weather is not so friendly in winter).
The guy fom the dealer told me (i ask to many dealers and they confirmed it to me) the bike will come with a launch price and then the price will increase (around 300€) so, i decided to place my order now.
I ordered the bike with a lot of accessories:

- Radiator Cover
- Chain guard
- Side Aluminium Covers
-Mesh Covers
- Fork Gaitors
- Aluminium Front Number Plate
- Side Tank pads

The total for all the accessories are: 615€

The proce of the XSR700, here in Italy, is 7850€ all included (i mean with the license place and all the matriculation stuff included).

They sold me the bike at: 7950€ with all the accessories.

I think is a very good price, what do you think about it?

I can'twait to ride my new motorcycle!:grin2:

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A good price, but then they're cheaper on the mainland Europe in general as compared to UK.

I wonder with the accessories, if Yamaha over prices them just so dealers can sweeten the deal by throwing them in at a cheaper price...

So was it your decision to hold off till march? or are they backed up with orders?

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The bikes are already available, but i decided to wait till March because in March Yamaha will do an Open Day to test the bike.
Yamaha italian Dealers told me this is a launch price, probably starting from March/April the price will increase (the same happened with the Scrambler Ducati)
I'll let you know about my test ride ;-)
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