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Hi from the Isle of man.

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Morning everybody, just saying hi and introducing myself. I recently traded in my GSXR1000 for a used Anniversary model xsr700 with 2400 miles on her after years of sports bikes and a few years racing as im getting old and love the look and style of the little Yamaha and wanted to slow down a little.
Mods so far include Evotech spindle bobbins front and rear, crash bungs, rad guard and tail tidy (in the post)
Renthal street low fat bars.
SC Projects exhaust (in the post)
I get the feeling so far that it is going to be one of those bikes that sucks you in and you end up spending a fortune on.:D
Well I live in the Isle of Man so if any members are ever over and fancy a ride or a few beers please get in touch.
Ride safe.
Cheers DAPS
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Welcome to the forum, nice set of mods. New handlebars is on my mod-radar. Do you have pictures of your ride with the Renthal street bars fitted?
I will take some and post them. It makes a really big difference to the feel and riding position, bars are quite a bit lower and further away from you which make it feel a bit more super-moto.
Cheers DAPS
Welcome to the forum DAPS! I think the majority of us on here have been bitten by the mod bug! Look forward to seeing a few photos of the bike!

Welcome to the forums, that's an impressive list of mods you got on the way there straight from the beginning! Can't wait to see some photos of the bike with it all installed :) Think you'll miss the speed?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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