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Hi from Sydney, Australia - Highly modified XSR700

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Hey Guys,

I picked up my XSR-700 in December 16' and I have recently received the bike back from the legends at Gasoline Motor Co here in Sydney after she underwent some major surgery. These guys nailed my vision for the bike flawlessly and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out (Before anyone gives me **** for it, I'm not much for wrenching, I'd love to devote my energy toward learning more, but I honestly don't have the time right now).

Anyway I've been lurking around the forum a little bit so I thought I'd finally join and show you guys the end result!

There's a pretty huge list of mods but I'll go over the main ones:

SC Project Exhaust (ceramic coated matte black)
Custom Sub Frame with LED Strip Taillight and licence plate bracket
Custom Seat using two kinds of Porsche Leather (my favourite part of the whole bike)
JVB Moto Headlight
Motogagdet Motoscope Mini speedo
Motogadget Motosign Mini
Motogadget M Blaze bar end indicators
Motogadget bar end mirrors
Motogadget billet grips
Motogadet M-Lock keyless start system (ignition barrel completely removed)
Custom Fork Crown to fit clamp system that houses Motoscope Mini
Renthal Fat Bar (road)
Perelli MT60rs Tyres front and rear
Some awesome fuel cap from Ebay

Obviously there's been a fair bit of paint work on the bike, I went with satin black for most parts as I really dig the finish.

The tank panels are vinyl wrapped in Matte green (Avery Dennison, Matte Metallic Midnight Sand) While the centre panel is finished in brushed black.

Hope you guys dig the pics! I'll be making a cool video soon! If anyone has any questions at all feel free to hit me up.


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That’s a beautiful looking bike. I’d love to something like that, must have sunk a lot of $$$ into that! But totally worth it.
Thank you very much NewXSR, for reanimating this elder thread. The modified XSR is a real stunner. Very, very nice built, from those Gasoline Motor Co.

As we are talking about that built. How was it managed with the Yamaha immobiliser to use that M-Lock by Motogadget?
That looks very, very smart. Less really is more; it all works a treat.
Mr Stark....awesome bike mate! I actually stumbled across those pics on the Gasoline website some months back and thought how awesome it looked. Check out my Garage pics, we should totally organise a ride mate! I work in Sydney but live north of Wollongong, so if your keen for a blast through the mountains or whatevers let me know.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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