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Hi from snowy Lancashire UK

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Hi all,
I've ordered a green XSR700 and was due to collect on 1st Mar for the new '18' registration here in the UK. Unfortunately, we've had a very cold spell here, with freezing temps and quite a lot of snow. Not good conditions to get a trade-in to the dealer and a new bike home! So, it was delayed until today (03. Mar) and further delayed until 06. Mar. Should be a bit more temperate by Tuesday.

I'm trading a Triumph ST1050 in. It's been a brilliant bike, but I don't really need its touring, speed and distance capabilities. 95% of my riding is to work and back on main roads and minor roads. The XSR is simpler, lighter and just as much fun (or more!). It's a bit of a risk changing from a faired sport tourer to a roadster, but I've ridden it and I think I'll love it. As I mentioned, I don't really need the speed and wind protection of the Triumph.

I'm thinking of getting a hugger pretty soon and I was thinking of a screen. I love the naked looks though, so the plan is to get a screen which can quickly be fitted and taken off as required. Slip it on if I've got some distance work. Not sure if this exists or is viable, but I'll be investigating!

Best regards,
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Good Choice Tony, I've only had mine a couple of weeks and managed to get out twice on it before the snow came :frown2:

I had a VStrom 650 before and it had a nice bit of weather protection on it, all the panniers, heated grips and stuff but it never got the use it should have. Bought the XSR for something a bit lighter and easier to throw in and out of the garage. Like I said only managed 2 outings so far but both times it put more of a smile on my face than the Strom did in 4 years :smile2: That's gotta be good.

Enjoy your new bike mate
Yes, you've done a similar swap. The XSR certainly seems light and easy - the ST1050 is quite heavy and weight quite high up.
Glad you got some rides in before the bad weather. Hopefully some spring-like weather on the way!
Which dealer did you go to?

First local XSR I’ve seen :)

Getting it from Wigan Yamaha. I'm over in Barnoldswick, so a good 40odd miles to the dealer, but I wanted a green one! Colin Appleyard in Keighley is much closer, but they didn't have a green one - they tried to sell me a black one.
Yes, I've not seen many XSR700's on the roads round here.
Well I’m over Chorley way, got mine from Accrington :)
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