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Hi from Oxfordshire

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Hi all... Have lurked these pages for a while...and I too am on the brink of an xsr... possibly...Mrs permitting...

I'm a 42 married man with kids and a mortgage...so not looking to do anything crazy...but still want to look the part - if I can get my belly in the jacket. I've looked the xsr for a while... And I think it might be 'the one that I want'...having been purusing what others have to offer... Moto guzzi V7, various triumph, Ducati scrambler...but the xsr just seems to be a decent balance of looks, performance and budget.

Looks are subjective...it's possible to look too retro... (V7?) Too expensive (triumph)...
Plus it seems there's some xsrs out there for well under £100/month...

My question, as, believe it or not, there is one...is... The cheaper bikes are all the restricted 35kw (47bhp) bikes...as a fairly - sensible - rider...what actual difference am I likely to experience?

I spent 10 yrs on a 125 scooter. Did my big bike license 18months ago and have been commuting round Oxfordshire on a battered Honda NTV650 learning my craft...an agricultural, heavy beast that I'll be sorry to see go...

Will a 'new' but restricted machine blow me away - with a modern engine and brakes and handling?

Will I notice the restriction?

Will it sounds different?

Will it just be top end (that I won't go near) that'll be missing?

Will £49/m(!!) wear off as I'll soon miss the extra power?

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

*Please direct me if this question is already asked elsewhere!
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just get one and derestrict it? It's not too difficult, by the looks of things.

I havent rode a restricted one, but i believe that the low end grunt is still there for setting a good pace. It's the beasty mid to top end thats missing. And to be fair, you don't use it all the time, but I wouldn't want to be without it.
My XSR700 is A2 restricted. The previous owner did not need the restriction and thought when he first had the bike he would want to dserestrict it, but never felt the need.
He told me that on a 2016 bike it is very simple to derestrict, but he thinks that on a newer XRS it maybe more complicated.
Like him I feel no need to derestrict. I'm never going to do a track day. In the UK we have heavy speed surveilance and penalties, and I do not need the top end performance (whatever it may be).
As Munkl says, the restriction does not affect the low end grunt. Mine will get up to 80mph or 90 without any struggle and I just love that low end grunt and the flexibility that the engine still has.

So your choice, but don't be in a hurry to derestrict until you've ridden it a while.
Welcome Daniel. I think you'll find the XSR a more rewarding ride than the V7 (lovely looking but a bit gutless) or the various offerings from Triumph. Personally, I'd go for the full power version - then you'll never fret as to whether you should have done! I do take the point though that it's the mid range torque that is the most usable aspect of the XSR. As to sound, they'll both be pretty feeble! If you go for the restricted engine and fit an after market exhaust, be careful - see the words of warning in another thread.
thanks all for your welcome and opinions, much appreciated....I'll let you know how I get on.

I think I may well go for it, as A2 compliant they are very affordable, with not much noticeable difference, it seems (they are 2016 unregistered vehicles). And the restriction is "ecu" rather than physical...
If you've been used to a 125 then the restricted version will be fine. Then once you feel like you want a bit more power, get it de-restricted. win win

You'll love the XSR either way, cracking bike and lots of fun
Thanks Antony Ward.... I am currently on a battered 25yr old Honda NTV 650.... Which is lovely but agricultural. I think a new bike - that can select neutral; brakes that work...it'll be a revelation - restricted or not!
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