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Hi from Norwich

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Hi from Norwich. I think I'm the only XSR700 in the fine city! I've seen a few MT07s around but yet to see another XSR.
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Welcome to the forum! No idea where Norwich is, but congrats on the new xsr700! How's it been treating you and what were you riding before?
Hey Goggles. I was riding a Harley before. Sportster 883/1200 conversion. Fancied a change and loving the XSR. A lot lighter and more nimble.
Incidentally Norwich is in the south east of England!
Welcome aboard Graham
Glad your liking the new steed, it's a fantastic all rounder...
Thanks for the welcome. This little bike is a whole lot of fun. I'm loving what some of you folks have done to them too. Some nice modifications. Giving me ideas!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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