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Hi from Melbourne, Australia - and my restricted 50hp XSR700

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Hi All

I city commute 40km a day for the past 6 years. I've been contemplating upgrading to a retro naked for ages, but felt they were either unsuitable, a bit too cool for me, or just plain fake.

I saw the XSR700 for the first time on the weekend, fell in love and bought it a couple days later. And I still love it even though its tragically restricted to 50hp in Australia.

It seems freaking awesome to me but I can't help but wonder what we're missing out on. And I wonder if derestricting is worth the insurance and compliance risks.


I'd imagine derestricting the XSR700 would be much the same as the MT-07 but that blog is just all charts to me - what would this mean in practice? Anyone know how much of a difference this would make?

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Why is the bike restricted to 50HP in Australia?

My friend has an MT-07 and I have the XSR, and the MT-07 and the XSR are very similar. All though it seems like the XSR is higher geared than the MT-07, meaning that if we were doing the same speed I had slightly lower RPM's. This might be individual differences on the bike, but my friend commented on it as well when he tried my bike.

Have not tried the 50HP version of the bike, but the stock engine sure is a lot of fun and quick.
It's restricted as a learner bike.


New riders are restricted to bikes smaller than 660cc and 150kw/tonne for 3 years. It's a big market in Australia so Yamaha made a special for us with a sleeved engine, throttle limiter and reduced air intake. On the upside a couple Australian of reviews have said it's probably my the most powerful learner bike on the market.

Very fun.
I dunno, my head says I should have got the XSR900 but it seemed more bike than i need around town. I want to have fun zipping through traffic, but without the constant temptation to be stupid. I could see myself going 140 in a 60 zone because the 900 is always begging for it. Boring riding it at low speed.

I just did some googling and found this article which is more articulate.


I dunno. If I get out of town, find myself missing that top end torque, I might end up trading it.
Ive seen videos about guys putting a r6 trottle on the bike..makes it more responsive...put a k&n filter in your bike to make it breathe better and you can cut the trottle restrictor...on the left side...these a piece of metal from stopping it going all out...then add an exhaust and go get it dyno tunes...im sure there would be some kind of ecu you can reprogram and make it go **** balls!
Look up modifications to MT-07 or FZ-07 as its called in other countries
I know nothing about doing any of these mods...Ive just seen alot of vids on MT07 I guess this should help you ring your xsr700 out.
It's only a faster throttle response ;)
Thanks Antony. The dealer said they can do it all on the first service. Including the ecu remap. They sell the mt07 unrestricted so I'll take that for a test ride to see what I'm missing.
Sorry for the typo in your name. Thanks Anthony.
Whoops i did a smily face and it put a question mark In...
I dunno. If I get out of town, find myself missing that top end torque, I might end up trading it.
You won´t miss anything. The 700 is awesome.
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