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Hi from London

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Hi guys
I've been riding for 3 years now around London on different scooters. Different cc
I recently bought the new Tmax dx and I'm quite happy with it !
few months ago i felt in love with the xsr700 in tech black.
That will be my first motorcycle.
Tomorrow morning my bike will be deliver and I can't wait for it.:)

I have already ordered the akrapovic double pipe exhaust
Yamaha heated grips
Yamaha hand guard
Yamaha Smoked Wind screen
And few more things
Waiting to get delivered

Later I would like to buy new suspensions. Any recommendations?

I will put pictures later tomorrow.

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Welcome. Nitron, Ohlins and Hagon all do rear shocks. Ohlins also do a front kit, or I think you can swap out the oil for something a little heavier if you want more damping. Parts commonality with the MT07 works in our favour!

IMO the XSR's weak point is its suspension, particularly the rear which gets very bouncy over more challenging roads.
there she is :smile2::wink2:


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Thats a nice looking bike mate, Where abts in London you from? Do you fancy a ride on weekend if weather is nice.
yeah why not :)
park royal near the ace cafe
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