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Hi from Henley on Thames

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I am an oldish rider who has moved into an new property which has restriced access so I had to sell my last ride of 10 years ( Rocket III) .

I have been looking for smaller lightweight bikes and ended up focusing on Yamaha and KTM. I have never owned a Yamaha or KTM duke 390 but in the last couple of days I have ridden an MT03 , MT07 and the XSR700 and for me I will be choosing the XSR 700 based on riding position as well as grin factor.

The only thing I can't live with is the stock seat on the test machine. Can anyone advise me of a more comfy seat ?


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Prob better to take it to a specialist and have a gel / mem foam insert put in. I can do 3 hrs on the single seat but then I need a break!

I will look into it but compared to my last bike three hours is pretty good. Maybe its an age thing 😊

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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