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Hi from Germany

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Hey all,
bought my xsr (forest green) in July and drove already 1700km. It´s awesome :grin2:
Radiator Cover is installed but have some other plans ( Exhaust, Accesoires etc.)
It´s my first Bike and got my driver license recently, accordingly my Know-How of Motorcycles is very small.
Best regards to everyone here,
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Welcome! Congratulations on picking the XSR700 as your first motorcycle, that's something you'll never forget.
Congratulations mate, i dont think its possibly to regret getting this fine machine.
Greetings from Stuttgart!

Do you already have an idea of which brand you want to get an exhaust from and any other details about your future setup?

Feel free to post pictures of your XSR.
I´m interested in the exhaust from MIVV (http://www.motogrip.de/auspuffanlage...6-mit-kruemmer) or the Akrapovic Double Pipe but i`m not sure yet.
- Want to shorten the tail
- lacquer the side panels from the water cooler black
- Sidebag
- Side Cover (similiar like the Side cover from Sw-motech)
- Crash Pads from GSG
- Suspension Fork from Wilbers
and I´ve found already nice ideas here in the forum :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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