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Hi from Doncaster

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Evening all
Recently purchased my garage steel Xsr and are currently running her in
Loving the bike and it's nakedness (previously had faired bikes)
The bike shall be having its first mod over the next few days with a custom exhaust system from scorpion - which will be the only one in the country due to my bike being the test bike! Result!
Pics and video to follow
All the best
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Cool welcome, looking forward to hearing it. Do a ride by too, so we can hear the sound. Cheers!
Get pics up soonest. Look forward to seeing alternatives to the Akropovic system on offer.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome. I really think Scorpion should test the new system on a green bike as well - just to be sure! PM me if interested, guys!
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Welcome aboard, i'm in Doncaster also:grin2:, did you get yours from J&S ? got mine from there in May.
I waited till the 600 mile service before the modding began.
Welcome! Sounds really interesting, looking forward to seeing/hearing more of the exhaust.
Have fun with your bike.
Thanks all - yes, yamboy got it from there too, still to do the running in miles but just quite fortuitous that scorpion didn't have a system and could get me in! Result!
No pic's as of yet and will do my best for a ride past too
What part of Doncaster are you from, I'm Cantley/Bessacarr side...
I sent the seller a message to see what's exactly the manual he's selling. I'll let you know....
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