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Hi from Australia

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Hello fellow XSR700 owners. Similar situation to others, looking at a bike. Was keen on a MT07, then went to Yamaha shop and saw the XSR700. I didn't think it was going to be an Australia learner approved bike. But turns out it is. Alway loved cafe racer style bikes. So i'm going to buy one.

I do not own one yet maybe 1-2 months away. So I've been reseaching parts and mods alot. So i have a bit of a plan for when it arrives.

Favourite bike on here would have to be the Pinion bike. Looks great, that's how i arrived at this forum. I saw pictures of the Pinion on google. Next minute i'm here and joined up.
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G'day, mate!

You'll find plenty of ideas and inspirational pics on this forum - it's great that is seems to have a genuinely global reach.
Thanks guys anyone else here from NSW with a xsr700, od like to meet you in person.
Ordered a myplates, locked in now... Say good day if u see me out there on the streets.
Whoops maybe i should have blanked the no. Plate like everone else
Anthony, where did you get your bike from? I'm in nsw and I'm struggling to find a stockist.
I havent got it yet...hoping to get in three weeks...**** i hope someone has some...i saw some at dural yamaha
bike and power
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