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Hi from Asturias (Spain)

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I'm the owner of a 2016 Forest Green XSR700. I bought it almost a year ago but until now I had not visited your forum. I hope to enjoy it a lot. Here you have some pics.



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Hey welcome aboard, we have quite a few of your countrymen on the forum. Great photo's.
Welcome to the forums, do you have any mods in mind?
Thanks for the welcome Ben, Yamaboy and TheCrow :wink2:

Right now the mods I have made are:

- Fork gaitors and radiator guard from Yamaha
- Brake and clutch lever from the2wheels
- Crash bobbins from Urbano Bruni
- Throttle tube (its diameter is a little higher)

The next thing is a license plate holder from Urbano Bruni, I hope next week will be ready. I will show you.

And then I am looking for an exhaust, i like the Scorpion but it isn't CE Approved and and I'm not sure if i could have any problem with the police. I have to think about it.
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Welcome to the forum! Nice looking bike, looks great in sunlight! (Not something we see often in the UK). Look forward to seeing the Urbano Bruni tail tidy / licence plate holder!

Welcome to the forum!
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