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Hi Fellow XSRers!

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Hi All!

Just wanted to come in here and say hi to everyone. I am from the US but currently working in Taiwan. Use to ride religiously back in California, but ever since the work relocation haven't been on a motorcycle in a while.

Recently just acquired a XSR700 and loving this little bumblebee! Taiwan has lots of beautiful mountain roads to my surprise, will probably go around the island someday. Will make a trip log when I do!

Anyways, hope I can contribute to the forum in the future. Talk to you all later!


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Sounds a lovely place to enjoy your XSR700.
Hope you enjoy the bike like we all are.
Welcome to the forums! Are there any aftermarket goodies down there??
Thanks for the warm welcome!

Lots here, but they are all at premium pricing, however labor is cheaper compared to the west.
Welcome! May i ask what the retail price on the Xsr700 is in Taiwan?
Sure! Brand new is NTD428,000 which equals ~USD14,000
Sure! Brand new is NTD428,000 which equals ~USD14,000
OK, In Sweden it's 79,900 SEK witch equals aprox 8,800 USD. Enjoy the roads in Taiwan!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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