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Hey dudes

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New to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. Can't believe its been 3 years since this bikes release in Europe and some of us stuck across the pond (Canada) are still waiting on a confirmed release date. Closest I can find is early 2018 but I don't want to get my hopes up. For now I suppose ill have to live vicariously through you guys aha.
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Welcome from NJ....got mine about 3 weeks ago, but weather been bad here so only got about 120 miles on it.....but 50s this weekend so have a couple good days to ride.Nothing worst then having a new bike in the garage you can't ride,lol. Anthony
Lol yeah that sounds like a major bummer. Congrats on the new bike! I know 120 miles isn't a lot of ride time, but how have you found it so far? Ill keep my fingers crossed you're given a chance to get back out on it soon. I just saw an article saying the bike has hit U.S soil, so hopefully I wont have too much longer to wait.
Welcome, Wallace. It'll be worth the wait - hope you get it soon over there, perhaps late Spring when the weather has warmed up a bit?
Wallace, was only able to get another 100 miles on it. Haven't been able to push it to much because they spray a lot of brine on the roads here during the winter. So far , the couple of things I don't like is where u put key in, it's in front of speedometer, and the buttons to toggle through the different things(temp, clock,trip,MPG) on the speedometer ,are located on the right side of speedometer which are a real pain to operate as u are riding . But overall very happy with bike, and no regrets not getting the 900.
Thanks for the welcomes guys! Yeah I suppose there's not much incentive to get one now even if they were available, so hopefully I get more news as we got closer to the summer months. Glad to hear you're enjoying the bike NJ, minus some odd design choices by the people at Yamaha. Are there any common aftermarket mods that riders on here have done?
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