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Here’s Dolores with a few upgrades!

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Dolores is what I decided is her name. Yes, I’m a fan of the HBO series “Westworld.” And Dolores is one bada$$ chick, like my upgraded XSR700. Got rid of the sewing machine sound and now she growls and puffs. The high-flow air filter, the Akropovic exhaust, and a proper tune really made a cool bike better. Here she is in all her naked bike glory. More mods will be forthcoming ...


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Nice bike!
Looking forward to se what mods you vill do.
Hi Dolores,

Welcome to the forum!
@Herebedragons, can you explain me, what is that US proper tune thing, that I often read? Is the CP2 engine restricted or coming with lower HPs to the US?
Here in EU we can get the 700s with a nominal 75 HP. And I do not read, that a reflash of the ECU or proper tune is really needed.

And what make of high flow air filter do you use?
@hombacher, I installed a KN air filter and upgraded to an Akropovic Ti racing line exhaust. I understand Akropovic designed the exhausts with Yamaha. When I received the bike, it felt very “poppy” at low revs and a bit thin at the higher end. So when I upgraded these parts, I had a mapping for the Akropovic exhaust from Dynojet (I didn’t do a formal Dyno session). It feels very even across the range from bottom to top, when I flick my wrist, not just from stoplights. The other thing is I feel like it runs a bit cooler -as I don’t feel as many ocassions where I am idling (and we do idle here in NYC) and feel that heat around my thighs. Finally, it just sounds like a proper motorcycle. The stock sounds like a sewing machine / Vespa scooter. Not really sure I gained any significant HP, if any, but more of how that HP is delivered. Anyway, that’s what I did to her so far!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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