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As I have 2 pairs of Hepco & Becker Junior panniers, one 30 Ltr, the othe 40 ltr, that I have had on other bikes, I hoped that an H&B set of pannier support frames to fit them to my XSR700 would work, without having to get rid of the Givi (I think) rear carrier that came with the bike.
The answer is, no problem! They fit perfectly to the bike, and without interfearence with the rear carrier. :smile2:
I was impressed with all the hardware, except the huge lump of steel provided to move the indicators further back. It is way over engineered, made from the same thickness of steel as the pannier frame mounting lugs.
I binned it and made some small ally plates to go either side of the number plate light, placing the indicators either side of the top edge of the number plate. (Original arrangement, no tail tidy involved)
Painted satin black they actually look quite good and weigh a fraction of the lump provided for the same job.

I know that the H&B Junior panniers do sit a bit far back on the XSR, and even without the panniers on, the support frames do spoil the lines of the bike, but my XSR is my day to day transport and has to be functional as well as pretty, and already having the choice of both 30 & 40 Ltr panniers works so well.

The 30 Ltrs are actually quite neat and cope with day to day needs. The 40 Ltr look ridiculouse, but are handy when I need to park the bike and stash helmet, boots & overtrousers under lock and key.

I would happily post some photos, but don't know how.
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