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So I crashed in a Shark Evoline 3 and it saved my face. However I had become more and more custom to not having the chin guard down. Something that was in fact down when my face hit the floor in snow. Phew.

So new helmet has arrived and it's a full face, so I no longer run the risk of NOT protecting my "grill".

It's lightweight, well made, well cushioned and looks the part with the XSR. Enjoy!

Bell Bullit with gold screen. £320 all in, plus I have a clear bubble screen for night/winter riding.


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It is a very nice looking helmet. I had one but sold it out as it didn´t fitted me well.
Nice one. Like the color :) Going to try one.
It is a very nice looking helmet. I had one but sold it out as it didn´t fitted me well.
Urgh tell me about it, got one myself and it cost me a arm and leg. I got the barn fresh one and i LOVE the paint job. The helmet its self however is the worse thing I have ever worn, uncomfortable bad fitting and way over priced. I still got it as it looks so sexy on my shelf :D
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Barn fresh one. Nice. Hadn't seen that combo.

its such a nice lid, but its just a terrible fit/compromise for a real helmet. I much prefer the gringos as my DOT safe helmet choice.
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Love the helmet there in the opening post. I like how it is neutral but has a lot of depth of color that gives many different hues depending on the lighting.
The problem with me when it comes to nice helmets like that is how nice it looks, nice enough that I might only want to keep it on display :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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