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I am on the brink of getting an XSR700.
I like its style. impressed by reviews & like its potential for adding modifications, or what seems to be known as "customising" these days.
I've had over 40 bikes over the years and just 3 were Yamahas, a couple of XTs and a Super Ten.
So loking to see how others have got on with theirs and what works best on them.
i'm based in Somerset UK. if there is a member nearby, it would be good to meet.
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Welcome to the forum. You'll enjoy the XSR on Somerset's roads - sorry I no longer live there, so can't join you!
On Monday I got the train to London Paddington and met Chris Scott, and did the deal on his XSR700 on a street corner across from the station and rode home to Somerset. The bike has a really loud Tec exhaust which was Ok on the motorway but cutting down through Wiltshire through quiet villages, I realised something would have to be done. I had the OME exhaust tied on the dual seat, but discovering that Tec produce a choice of baffles, but they are on holiday until Monday so I'm keeping the revs down, but rather enjoying the blat-blat-blatting in the meantime, even if the neighbour arn't. I'd rather try the Tec exhaust with quieter baffles before resorting to the Std. set up.

As Chris may have posted on here, it has a 19" front wheel, which I'm happy to live with until I can find a cheap enough 17" wheel, disc & calipers, but it does slightly limit tyre choices. At present it has Hidenau K60s, about half worn and I must say for such a knobbly tyre, they are not too bad on the tarmac. Micheline Anakee 3s seem to be a possiblity. Rated at about 95/5 road?trail its about what I need, but they certainly have an interesting tread pattern.
In the mean time I have been busy moving the speedo forward on a home made bracket, and a few other things. Its a 2016 bike with only 9,600 miles on it, which compared to the 2016 Honda CB500X with 24,000 on it make the XSR pretty low mileage, but that won't last.
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Welcome! :)

That bike i have seen in pictures and love the offroad touch!
when you google "XSR700 Scrambler", that bike is one of the first that comes up :)

Such a cool bike, with a bit of quirky history!

Will you be de-restricting it?
Probably won't de-restrict it. Chris thought he would when he first got it but then never felt the need to. It only seems to affect top end performance and its got all the grunt I need for UK roads. Having had a years ban for speeding under the totting up system a few years ago, I'm keen to avoid a repetition. Not just of the years ban, but of the way insurance companies hammer you when you want to renew insurance when the ban is over.
I just love the torque and flexibility of the engine, and if as Chris says, he could average 74mpg (UK gallons) there's another reason for leaving it so.
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