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Hi all, very soon to be an owner but there is a delay in getting the exhaust in as part of the deal. Meant to pick it up today but looks like it’ll be next week now :(
I have plans for the new Bike and will post pics when it’s done :)
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Ehi man welcome to our forum! Eheheh waiting is so boring, I know the feeling as I received mine XSR right after the winter season! :)
Can't wait to see the pics of your 2-wheeled baby!
Welcome to the forum!

I'm pretty sure that this week is going to fly really fast for you:) What was your previous motorcycle?
Thanks all, just waiting for the phone call to say it’s ready. Previous bike was an MT03 so the xsr700 seems a logical choice. I’ve been getting a few bits ready for the bike when it arrives and have done a quick mock up of what it may end up like. It’ll be interesting to see how close it stays to the concept :)


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