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Hello everyone, I bought my XSR about 6 weeks ago just had its first service. Loving the bike got a few mods so far,

Yamaha tank pads
short brake levers
Xsr radiator cover

My next must have modification is an exhaust, something that looks aesthetically pleasing but sounds loud.

I?m caught between a few I?ve watched every video going and comparison. Just can?t decide.

So the choices

Scorpian (not as pleasing to the eye as others) https://www.scorpion-exhausts.com/yamaha-xsr-700-exhaust-systems

Black widow http://www.blackwidowexhausts.co.uk...ainless-steel-silencer--carbon-tip-6172-p.asp


Arrow Dark


I?m now tending to more of the low snug pipes like the stock pipe, However the one I really liked from the get go is the high mounted mivv gibli but there is no videos of sound etc.


If some has seen or heard this pipe please let my know what you think.

Here?s a pic of the bike, ???

Thanks in advanced



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Hello and welcome! I can't personally help you about the exhaust you're looking for, bit I'd suggest you to give an eye to the exhaust section of our forum! You'll surely find what you're looking for!
Nice bike btw, enjoy your stay!
Louis.de has the Mivv at a great price. 699€ VAT included vs 790€ ex vat list price. I think the akra high exhaust looks better, but it's almost double the price.

This one looks good too: http://www.carpimoto.com/en-PT/45127_Y-046-LHX-Mivv-Complete-Exhaust-System-Yamaha-MT-07.htm

thanks for the reply?s, il check the exhaust section. ?
I beg to differ about the Scorpion - when installed, it looks fantastic - totally works with the somewhat industrial style of the bike.
I think it's between that and the SC Project Conic, style-wise but the Tec exhaust featured in another thread looks good too and represents excellent value for money, if the build quality is acceptable.
(Although I think a brushed finish for the end-can would have been a better chouce than the satin Titanium effect.):

Ive just ordered the tec and will update when it arrives
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