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Passed my test 15th june after not riding anything for 5 years, had a cbr125 rr for a few years.

Picked up my new XSR 700 half hour after passing! Having wicked fun already,

Pleased with the amount of mods and changes available!

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Now that is a great congratulatory purchase! Welcome to the boards and congrats!

What mods are going to be first?

Get rid of this stock exhaust i think! Hoping to do it this week, ill get some pics/videos when done!

Tail tidy to follow that!
Welcome, Ashley. You'll have a blast on those Devon lanes on the XSR!
Welcome :)

Exhaust you say...? Very interested to see which route you go with and would love to see some photos and videos :)
Ive changed to bar end mirrors and hopefully my exhaust going on tomorrow, did a little video, will update with a second once done

i can't post a direct link but youtube . com with this one the end should work: watch?v=S-bZD97kScs&feature=youtu.be
black widow headers with lextech gp/megaphone style can. no cat, and currently baffle less

youtu. be/ gBmj0aMmU5k
Thanks guys! Devon is pretty perfect for zipping around, made a few changes so far ,

Bar end mirrors

Removed stock exhaust and put black widow headers with lextech can it really packs a punch now, can't link or drop videos as my post count is too low.

Has anyone seen or done the NRC fender eliminator? i think thats my next stop .
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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