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New xsr owner saying Hello, traded my Harley sportster for her a few weeks ago and haven't looked back, loving the bike and still can't break the modding habit, a couple of changes already but more to come
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Hey there... good to have you on board.. great choice of bike:grin2:.. what made you change??.
Which colour did you go for garage, forest, black or anni colours... any particular mods planned??
Welcome to the forum Aame! Let's see a photo of the bike then, great choice!!

Welcome to the boards :) We need to get some pictures on that and get a build thread going for ya !
Thanks guys, here's a couple of pics of the mods so far, got the fork gators on the bike and have fitted a retro headlight guard and a sw motec legend gear side carrier to run a bag for work, it's a bicycle saddle bag so it's a little small, but it'll do until I get something leather to alter to suit, future mods will be a tail tidy from a local member who should be messaging me back soon fingers crossed then exhaust and some smaller indicators and I think I'll be done, although I said that about my Harley and never did stop. Swapped because I was after some better suited to all year use and got offered a great part ex price, I was only waiting for an MOT and playing spot the difference between the xsr700 and 900 and fell in love with this forest green xsr700


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