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Hi all,

A new XSR700 owner from Oxfordshire, UK. With the 60th Anniversary model.

Main reason for getting this model was to modify - so in progress at the moment;

- Akrapovic exhaust
- Upgrade on most of the cosmetic bits (Chain guard, Billet ends, radiator cover and side panels - All based on Yamaha accessories)
- Single seat, being re-made and covered
- Tank respray & designed
- New side panels, design wrapped
- LSL X01 lower tapered bars, new grips
- Rizoma Mirrors
- Yellowed Headlamp
- I might be DLC (blackening) some bits as well, depending on time

It's all DIY and I love the way the XSR is so easy to modify.

I make watches here in Oxfordshire; so the new tank will have my branding but it will be in keeping with the style of the XSR700 design.

Also made some of these, which Shun Miyazawa wears! :grin2::grin2:

I'll post up photos when it's complete, hopefully early - mid May 2016.


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Welcome .. Yellow ones are definitely faster...Im doing a few mods to mine but not as much as you , so will be interested in seeing yours as you go...

PS Nice looking watch:cool:
Thanks buddy! I think if anything the exhaust is the essential upgrade on the bike but it's also the biggest spend!:frown2::frown2:

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Welcome to the forum, glad to have another XSR owner on the forum.

What bikes have you owned in the past?
Quite a few...

Started on a Honda CG125 in the 1990s

Then upgraded to a Ducati Monster in 1997 (In yellow). Used it to commute to London, only problem it was the non-fuel injection model so it would't work in winter.

Next was Honda CBF600 Hornet around 2000 - This was stolen though.

Harley Davidson 800 Sportster was next around 2002 - Nice experience but never really got on with the handling.

Took a break from motorcycling until last year, I have a Moto Guzzi V7 which has been customised by Corsa Italia - in the retro 1970s green with red frame. Really great bike very reliable and low maintenance - But feels like you are riding an old bike the suspension is not great!
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