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Hello ... from New York City

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I have had my Yamaha XSR700 (aluminum color) for about a month here in Manhattan and have about 400 miles on it. Upgraded the exhaust to Akropovic Ti and flashed the ECU with a PCV (it’s part #22-078 ), and installed a few obligatory sliders and guards. She sounds much better and I suppose power curve is a bit smoother. Love it so far, esp. riding over bridges up high. She gets me in / out of traffic quick even though no lane splitting / filtering here. Her svelte figure still scoots me through. Looking to learning and engaging with other owners of this “sports heritage” bike.
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Welcome from NJ......I am hoping to upgrade exhaust this summer, and see some don't require flashing ECU. Are you running yours with the cat ? My previous bike was a Harley with a v&h pro pipe and I did start to get tired of the loud pipe , so looking just for a little better sound and not to loud.
how do you like the flash? are you running the DB Killer or no? i just installed the AKRA TI on my bike and tossed the cat in. its stupid loud with no db killer, i ordered a spare db killer from revzilla so i can modify it
I’m also a rider in NYC, looking to buy an XSR700. Would you say where you bought your bike and whether you had a good experience? Did you test ride the bike? Thanks.
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